Past Presidents

Grateful for Their Service

The Auburn Business Association is grateful for all of the volunteer time our business community members, current and past board members and past presidents have provided to our organization.

A dedicated and connected community makes a strong community.

Past Presidents of the Auburn Business Association

1969 Dave Collins 1988 Joseph Simokaitis
1970 James Randall 1989 Linda Whitney
1971 Donald Cooper 1990 Andy Pratt
1972 George Downing 1991 Rich Rousseau
1973 R. Peter Whitmore 1992 Jerry Haynes
1974 Roger Labrie 1993 Maureen Hargreaves
1975 Donald Bush 1994 Garry Carr
1976 Robinson Whitney 1995 Cathy Chapell
1977 Antonio Tanguay 1996-1997 Ron Cote
1978 William Corey 1998-1999 David Marcotte
1979 Pennell Woodard 2000-2002 Laurie St. Pierre
1980 Dan Cote 2002-2004 Raymond Dube
1981 Steve Ness 2004-2006 Greg Whitney
1982 Greg Whitney 2006-2008 Linda Hertell Snyder
1983 Alan White 2008-2010 Mike Williams
1984 Ed Mushlit 2010-2012 Peter Murphy
1985 Adrian Lamontagne 2012-2014 Terri Kelsea
1986 Thomas Hackett1987 Dan Isaac 2014-2016 Hillary Dow


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