Auburn Citizen of the Year

2019 Auburn Citizen of the Year

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Social Hour 5:30-6:30 pm
Dinner & Program 6:30 pm
Martindale Country Club, Auburn
Cost: $40 per person


In 1974, the ABA began a tradition of honoring an outstanding person in the community for business and community service.

The purpose of this award is to recognize a person who lives or works in Auburn who has made a local, state or national impact and thus enriched our community. This may have been accomplished through a lifetime of service or by a single deed, the benefit of which will continue to be felt and recognized years later.


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In 1974, the ABA began a tradition of honoring an outstanding person in the community for business and community service. Originally called “Man of the Year”, it evolved into “Citizen of the Year” when Lee Young received it in 1981. Residency in Auburn is not required, only that the person has business and/or service activities in Auburn.

Previous recipients have included:

1974 Clarence Cole 1997 Peter Frewen
1975 Malcolm Philbrook, Jr. 1998 Toby Tiner, Jr.
1976 Earl B. Austin 1999 Tom Platz
1977 Gerard Rousseau 2000 Jim Bouchles
1978 Ralph Hodgkins 2001 Chip Morrison
1979 At Savignano 2002 Barbara Trafton
1980 Harry Nason 2003 John Emerson
1981 Lee Young 2004 Rebecca Swanson Conrad
1982 Pennell Woodard 2005 Donna Steckino
1983 Ernest Cobb 2006 Ron Lebel
1984 Barbara Ring 2007 Sharon Millett
1985 Gerald LaPlante 2008 Dick Gleason
1986 Richard Kendall 2009 Tom Poulin
1987 R. Peter Whitmore 2010 Peter Garcia
1988 Jane P. Norris 2011 Jim Wellehan
1989 Eugene Keene 2012 Gary Hemenway
1990 Thomas N. Hackett 2013 Senator Olympia J. Snowe
1991 Stephen B. Austin 2014 Dan Campbell
1992 William Rogers 2015 Greg Whitney
1993 Harold Lucas 2016 Rachel A. Morin
 1994 Tonie Ramsey 2017 Ken Blais
 1995 Ralph Tuttle  2018 Allyson Casares
1996 Rachel Desgrosseilliers
1996 Bethel Shields

Past recipients of the Auburn Citizen of the Year award, 2011

At the September meeting in 2011, the ABA kicked off our series of monthly meetings with a reunion of past Citizens of the Year.

Pictured from left to right (front row) are Steve Austin, Earl Austin and Ernie Cobb, (back row) Penny Woodard, Peter Whitmore, Lee young, Donna Steckino, Dick Kendall, Jim Wellehan and Rachel Degrosseilliers.

The reunion of past recipients was such a wonderful evening, we held another reunion in September 2017!

Auburn Citizens of the Year

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